Civil Engineering

Semester Subjects instructor Name
Semester 2 Chemistry Prof. Manish Kumar Jaiswal
Mathematics-II (Diff. Eqns.) Prof. S.D. Singh
Programming for Problem Solving Prof. Ramesh Kumar
Workshop Prof. Ajay Giri
English Guest Faculties
Semester 4 Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Geology Guest Faculty
Disaster preparedness & planning Prof. Shafi Ahmad (Guest)
Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Introduction to Solid Mechanics Prof. Sujeet Kumar (Guest)
Structural Analysis Prof. Rajesh Choudhary (Guest)
Materials, Testing & Evaluation Prof. Akhilesh Kumar
Civil engineering- Societal & Global Impact Guest Faculty
Open Elective-I (Humanities) MOOC Not required
Management I (Organisational Behaviour) Guest Faculty
Semester 6 Soil and Rock Mechanics Prof. Sujeet Kumar (Guest)
Structural Analysis- II Prof. Kunal Kumar
Design of Concrete Structure- I Prof. Rajesh Choudhary (Guest)
Environmental Engineering – I Prof. Mushtaque Ahmad
Transportation Engineering – I Prof. Vinod Kumar
Design of Steel Structures Prof. Shafi Ahmad(Guest)
Semester 8 Construction Planning and Management Prof. Mushtaque Ahmad
Contract, Specification & Estimation Guest Faculty
Irrigation Engineering Prof. Vinod Kumar
Elective- II (Airport Planning and Design) Prof. Akhilesh Kumar
Elective – III (Industrial Waste Treatment) Guest Faculty
Elective-IV (Pre-stressed Concrete Design) Prof. Kunal Kumar
Projet-II All Faculties