About Department

The department of Applied Sciences and Humanities of B.P. Mandal College of Engineering, Madhepura focus on the creation and application of knowledge in the disciplines of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Humanities. The department was established in 2016 and the department has been running to support the B. Tech programme. The department The under the dynamic Guidance of its Principal, Prof. Arvind kumar Amar and leadership HOD, Prof.Manish Kumar Jaiswal are focused to turn students into outstanding professionals. Department of Applied Sciences equips students with technical knowledge, skill and ability; motivating them to think creatively, helping them to act independently and take decisions accordingly in all their scientific pursuits and other endeavours. Department has Well-equipped and established with physics, Chemistry, and Smart Class and library etc.


To be center of knowledge acquisition, innovation in technical education field and research work and social contribution.